Variant Covers: Wolverine’s Drunk And Beast Is Wearing A Red Wig

We’re shortly enclosing on the witching hour, the feast of October. The  ephemeral  time where the membrane between the expired and the wind-sucking melts before our eyes, unleashing torrents of evil and scares upon us. That ain’t the half of it either, dude. Motherfuckin’ candy up in the bitch and rotten teeth and syringes in the bags of your children. It’s dangerous out there! Stay inside. Read some funny books.

This is Variant Covers. The rags I’m stoked on this week. Share your pull-list after the spiel ends.


Secret Avengers #18.
Warren Ellis’ brief run on Secret Avengers continues with more episodic awesomeness. Complimenting him in this episode of Steve Rogers’ Freedom Brigade is David Aja on pencils and we’re all the better for it. Ellis really excels when he has to compress his madness into a tight space.

Quirk and dementia that you don’t generally get in a Marvel comic, let alone an Avengers title.


Red Wing #4.
Dios mio. Look at the cover for Red Wing #4. Fucking  stupid how talented    Nick Pitarra and the rest of the art staff on the Jonathan Hickman mini-series are. Is? Are? Fuck grammar. Chapped ass status: I never found a copy of Red Wing #3. I went hunting for it too. Left the hovel. Pressed flesh with the unwashed Bovine.

I’ll be snagging this title tomorrow anyways. Even if I can’t read it yet, I’ll stare at the cover and puke glorious giblets of amazement all over my boat shoes. Laughing as I stomp around in the awesomeness that is the disbelief at another human being’s talent.


Spaceman #1.
One dollar. One fucking dollar. That’s all it’ll cost for you to snag the latest Brian Azzarello/Eduardo Risso collaboration. Put down the Milky Way, don’t buy a Grande Latte Enema this week. According to the marketing, this title isn’t science fiction. It’s science Hell. A bit cheesy? Fuck yeah! And I would argue intentionally at that.

NASA was going about growing human beings to send to Mars when the entire program was scraped. Main character Orson is the cast-off condom of this program, milling about on a broken Earth.

I’m there.


Wolverine and the X-Men #1.
Pretty torn on this title. Jason Aaron has established himself as a beast of the Marvel Universe, and I love his take on Logan in his solo title. I dug on Schism. I’m interested in the next generation of X-gened ideologically fissuring. The problem? Not feeling Chris Bachalo’s artwork. At all. I glanced at the preview Marvel dropped a couple of weeks ago and I was reminded why I hadn’t felt the dude’s work. Pretty much ever.

I’ll snag the title and muscle through the artwork.


2000 AD #1754.
The comic serial that launched a thousand demented psyches is now back to arriving weekly in the United States. I’ve never actually followed it actively, but if you throw a penny you’re going to hit a creator you love that was influenced by the British serial throughout the years. I don’t think I can keep up with any weekly, especially at the price, but it’s nice to see it make it onto our shores. As the pillars crumble about us, Judge Dredd and posse can still roll up and have a voice.

Tres chouette.

Miscellaneous Hotness.
We’re getting the first issue of the rebooted Hulk title by Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri this week. If there’s anyone I trust to resurrect my Giving A Fuck about the Hulk it would be Aaron. The latest issue of DMZ  is dropping, taking the title closer and closer to the end. In the New 52, both All-Star Western Jonah Hex Guy and Flash are getting new issues. I haven’t read Western but my brother swears on his Alan Moore doll that it’s fantastic. Fans of Abe Sapien  can snag his latest adventures, and for those so inclined there’s yet another issue of FF and Journey Into Mystery. Which makes it feel like they’re both dropping every other fucking week. Good lord.


What you guys buying this week?