Microsoft Hiring People To Work On Next Console; 720 Get!

Say what you will about all the motion bullshit gadgetry that has been birthed out of the bleeding anus where gaming ingenuity used to be. It’s prolonged the generation. That kids, is a fucking good thing. However, everything comes to an end. This generation’s cycle is no exception, and Microsoft has begun hiring engineers to work on their next Box.


Though Microsoft isn’t close to approaching the end of its ten-year plan for the Xbox 360, the hardware manufacturer seems to be staffing up to develop the heir apparent of the gaming console’s kingdom. The company recently posted a  handful of hiring ads for its Mountain View research facility, which is looking to add a design verification engineer, hardware architect and other positions to its roster to help with “defining and delivering next generation console architectures from conception through implementation.”

Once they’re ready to begin hiring foul-mouthed assholes who can only speak in cock metaphors, I’m throwing the deuces up and moving to Washington or whatever. I’m ready.