NASA hires SCENT CHEMIST to recreate the smell of space for us leadfooted bastards.

I didn’t know that space had a smell. Nor did I know there were such things as scent chemists. Now these two newly divulged existences are coming together. Praise be.

The Verge:

The scent of space is one that only few have experienced, but if you’ve ever wondered what treats await your olfactory nerves beyond Earth’s atmosphere, NASA will be attemping to recreate the unique smell. As reported by¬†The Atlantic, astronauts’ descriptions range from “seared steak” and “sulfurous” to “a rather sweet metallic sensation,” all of which will be taken into consideration as scent chemist Steve Pearce does his best to reproduce the odor. NASA hopes to use the resulting smell to help astronauts become acclimated to what they may experience in space to reduce any potential sensory shock.

Seared steak? Interesting.