Lindsay Lohan Up For Role In Superman Reboot? Goodness Gracious.

The above is Lindsay Lohan back when she was something resembling a human being. This human being no longer exists. The good news is that apparently she’s up for a role as alien villainess Ursa in the Superman Reboot. Oh, Frat Boy Rock, you’re a bananas. Bananas like zounds.


Gossip website TMZ is reporting that  Lindsay Lohan is up for a major female role in  Zack Snyder‘s  Superman reboot. According to the site, “Lindsay’s people have had multiple phone conversations within the last few weeks with the people behind the new  Superman reboot” and they’re “supposed to meet personally with the  Supermanpeople soon.” The role isn’t Lois Lane, however, more than likely it’s Ursa, a Kryptonian baddie that  we now know is currently being cast.

Insanity, right? I ignored this bullshit when it was posted on a couple of other sites this morning. But by the time it made Slashfilm? I figured it was worth mentioning. Sure, nothing’s worth much in the Churn Factory that is the Netterwebs, but the mind boggles at the possibility.

The problem with this news is that Lindsay Lohan is about to be charged with grand theft larceny. I would say that considerably lowers her chances of being cast. However, just the fact that she was ever considered for a role is fucking outstanding.