The Sun’s Furious Sunspots Look Like PINK SPHINCTERS OF DOOM

Listen. We can pretend to be adults, or we can admit that these righteous sunspots look like a goddamn pink sphincter of Armageddon.


It’s one of the  baddest  sunspot regions in years. Active Region 1429 may not only look, to some, like an  angry  bird  — it has thrown off some of the most  powerful flares  and  coronal mass ejections of the current  solar cycle. The extended plumes from these explosions have even rained particles on the Earth’s magnetosphere that have resulted in  colorful auroras.  Pictured above, AR 1429 was captured in great detail in the Sun’s chromosphere three days ago by isolating a  color of light  emitted primarily by hydrogen. The resulting image is shown in inverted false color with dark regions being the brightest and hottest. Giant magnetically-channeled  tubes of hot gas, some longer than the Earth, are known as  spicules  and can be seen  carpeting  the chromosphere. The light tendril just above  AR 1429  is a cool  filament  hovering just over the active sunspot region. As  solar maximum  nears in the next few years, the increasingly wound and twisted magnetic field of the Sun may create even more  furious  active regions that chirp even more  energetic puffs  of solar plasma into our Solar System.

Yeah, okay NASA. Trying to class up the obvious. Pfft.