Video: Self-Frothing Beer Mug Is Modern Day Polio Cure. Inappropriate Hyperbole.

It’s the afternoon here on the Eastern coast of the Empire. Work is drudging. We seek the chemical escape. Let us momentarily bask in the power of technology. A technology that gives us self-frothing beer mugs.

Hit the jump to watch it in action.


I think I have been drinking and pouring my beer incorrectly. That’s the only way I can really explain this self-frothing beer mug from Japan.

The Takara Tomy Beer Jug Jokki Hour Foam Head Maker works by funneling beer from the bottom of your mug through a swirly straw that runs through the handle of the mug. And apparently, in Japan, foam on the top of a beer is considered a vital part of the beer drinking experience. Which seems weird to me, or am I really just a beer dunce