Weekend Open Bar: Loki-ing For A Good Time

It’s been a hot fucking minute since I rattled off one of these diarrhea-blasts of existential enormity, no? But I’m here right now, ready to plunder your holes with my textual absurdity. Let the ole cyber-tongue rattle around and find where it gets you good. I’m not saying you know that I’m good for, but if you’ve found this post you probably already know me. Yes? Fucking yes!

How has everyone been doing? I’ve been surfing along the astral-plane and simultaneously tethered to this rot-ass meat-space like the rest of ya’ll. When I’m not high and surfing the Beyond with Bateman or my Wife, I’m trudging through a miserable remote summer class.

These fucking kids, man. Driving me to not drink, but I suppose driving me to get high and veg out watching the NBA playoffs or some shit. Driving me not to drink, but I suppose asking you fuckers to hang out this weekend.

Be the balm on the blasted balls of my scourged psyche, friends. Spend some time here. Tell me what you’re up to. Watching some NBA playoffs? Digging someĀ Loki? Attending to a showing of the most furious, most family-friendly ninth installment in theĀ Fast franchise?

Whatever the case, I wanna know! I wanna chill.

This is Weekend Open Bar!