Weekend Open Bar: Diarrhea Death Race 2000!

weekend open bar weekend open bar diarrhea death race 2000

Every weekend, my friends. I’m living the motherfucking Diarrhea Death Race 2000! Nothing compliments five-straight days of clean eating like a 48-hour bender of insane caloric bombardment. And every weekend, there’s at least one point, where I have to sprint full-speed into the bathroom before my blow ass all over my boxer briefs. Doesn’t matter if I’m about to fuck, it doesn’t matter if I’m working out, and it doesn’t matter if I’m playing Final Fantasy VII. The moment grips me. The bowels quiver. And like that, I’m off to the races.

But, enough about my asshole, its tendencies to quiver, and my diet. This is the Weekend Open Bar, baby! I want to hang out with you across yet another pandemical weekend! What are you hopefully clean-ass’d people up to the next couple of days? Got anything you’re binge watching? Ripping through any games? Ripping ass, while standing on your car, screaming at people hanging out in public parks?

I want to know! Anything and everything you’re up to! Per usual, and ya’ll know, there’s only one fucking rule here at the Open Bar! Goddamn it, you’ve got to be kind!