Monday Morning Commute: well it ain’t perfect but i don’t mind [because it’s worth it]

Whelp. It’s Monday, folks. And that fucking sucks. Whelp. It’s dark out at 4:45 pm, folks. And that fucking sucks as well. But, here I am. Here you are, too! If you’re reading this. Mindlessly browsing this collection of letters and symbols while taking a crap, or standing on a bus, or reclining on a couch, or sitting at your computer desk. And really, what can we do about this current situation? Make the most of it, I suppose. Together!

Here in Monday Morning Commute!

You know the spiel. This here is the weekly wank-off where we share what we’re looking forward and enjoying across the latest Monday through Friday gauntlet. Nothing says “surviving life” like listing off a series of distractions. And, nothing says “community” like me screaming into the bleak, blank, black void of cyberspace.

I hope you’ll join me in the comments section!


the outer worlds

[Video Games]

I’m currently wrapping-up the latest Call of Duty campaign. Per usual, it’s a hodgepodge of nauseating jingoism, entertaining gameplay, and preposterous production values. Afterwards? I’m going to give a second change to The Outer Worlds. Meanwhile, Kojima’s latest opus lurks. Will I play Death Stranding? I don’t know. Will I play it before semester break? I don’t know.



I haven’t been as disappointed as I was this past Saturday, where I tried to check out the second episode of Watchmen and failed. My HBOGo account, or rather my parents’ account, kept glitching out. Fuck! Bummed. But, Bateman and I did check out the second to last episode of The Expanse‘s third season. My word, what a show.



Last night was NJPW’s Power Struggle 2019. This Saturday is AEW’s Full Gear. Needless to to say, Bateman and I are going to be well-oiled, fully pumped, and ready to throw around the ole skin this weekend. Also, we will be watching some serious wrestling.




Ideally, Eduardo and I are going to be seeing Parasite this weekend. The latest work from Bong Joon-ho. Everyone I’ve spoken with has called it their movie of the year so, yeah, no pressure for it to live up to. Eduardo is seeing it with me, after ditching me and seeing The Lighthouse last week. So, I’m still trying to make a viewing of that work. But, life is busy. And, schedules are complicated. I know, I know.




Man, as I said. Fuck it being this dark, this early. As well, fuck this darkness making it so depressing an existence for me. I just want to eat! And sleep! The Demons harken me towards an unhealthy life! I’m trying, oh I’m trying, to not coat myself in gloom and caloric excess. However, this upcoming weekend is a long one! So, that’s fantastic. I just need to make it.

I. Just. Need. To. Make. It!


That’s it for me, friends! What are you looking forward to this week?