Weekend Open Bar: Call The Ball, Dickhead

weekend open bar call the ball

Oh, golly gee, oh golly gee fucking willikers! It’s the Weekend! This is the Open Bar! If you’re reading this, you’re alive! You’ve made it through another week! Or, you’re proof that there’s some sort of thin membrane we cross upon death, only to haunt others from Beyond. That said, welcome! Be you mortal, immortal. Trapped in a perpetual liminal state, or coasting towards death along with me!

Fuck me, fuck me sideways! Where am I? What was I doing?

Oh, oh yeah! Welcoming you to the weekly weekend wanking Open Bar!

Wherein I entice you with mental illness and profanity to spend the weekend hanging out with me! Tell me, what are you up to the next few days? Throwing Molotov cocktails into the night sky, cursing the Polar Vortex? Getting ready to embrace corpulence and violence on Sunday Evening? Wanking it to yaoi?

Come hang out! Come let me know!

Let’s spend some time together, fuckers!