‘Avengers 4’ title should scare Marvel fans, says Russo Brothers. We get it, Thanos wins

avengers 4 title scare fans

At this point for me, it’s not a question of if the Avengers can stop Thanos in Infinity War. It’s a question of how many goddamn heroes die trying to stop him, and how they’re going to unfuck his damage in Avengers 4. A movie, which I’m sort of assuming is going to be titled Avengers: Reign of Thanos or some shit.


Avengers: Infinity War is less than a month away, but we still don’t know the official title for its sequel, Avengers 4. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said that the reason the full title hasn’t been revealed is that it’s a spoiler for the events of Infinity War. Now directors Anthony and Joe Russo are pouring fuel on that particular fire, saying fans should be scared of the unrevealed title because of the implications it carries for Infinity War. See their quote below, and read our guesses for what the Avengers 4 title might be.

The folks at Inverse pointed us to this tweet from Twitter user @occmarvel, who expresses fear at the fact that the Russos won’t reveal the title of Avengers 4 because of what it might mean about Infinity War. The directors’ response? Fans should be scared.

“The fact that the Russo Brothers won’t give us the Avengers 4 title because it spoils Infinity War scares the shit outta me,” @occmarvel says. The Russos simply responded: “It should.”