Weekend Open Bar: You Will Be Happy

weekend open bar you will be happy

It’s been a moment since I crept out from under the shadows and issued forth a Weekend Open Bar, huh? For that, I apologize. How the fuck are you doing, friends? Apologies for the tardiness, and all that happy horse shit. You know how it goes, or maybe you don’t know how it goes.

But, when the MalaiseVapors got your synapses in their claws, it’s hard to fight back.

But, I’m here now. The MalaiseVapors beat back, another row in the books. They’re gone, but not forgotten. They’re gone, but they’ll return. They always return, to dance the Dance Macabre.

We’ll deal with that when we must, but for now, let’s hang out together in the Weekend Open Bar. What are you doing this weekend? Catching any Oscar Bait? Filling your football-free schedule with Textual Exploits? Polygonal Adventure? Diarrhea from eating too much Mexican food (there’s no such thing)? Masturbating wildly to bad dragon sex toy porn (google it, or don’t, it’s your life and sanity)?

I want to know. I want to spend time with you. While the Vapors are away, while the Cogency persists.

This is Weekend Open Bar. How you doing?