Maybe: Sony teasing return of ‘Crash Bandicoot’


Man — Crash Bandicoot. A bygone character from an olden age. An age that I personally wouldn’t mind returning to, at all. C’mon, Sony. C’mon, potential developer attached. Bring back some Bandicoot-based platforming gloriousness.

Tech Times:

Almost a decade after the release of the last direct sequel in what was originally Naughty Dog’s popular PlayStation franchise Crash Bandicoot, publisher Sony Entertainment may or may not have hinted on one of its global Twitter accounts at the return of the body-slamming, tornado-spinning, box-crushing marsupial that became one of the icons of gaming in the ’90s. But is it the ultimate tease or the ultimate troll?

Sony’s PlayStation account for the Middle East tweeted an image of one of the console’s most recognizable anthropomorphic characters on Feb. 6.  The graphic contains Crash pictured on what appears to be a ragged, Wild West-style outlaw poster illuminated by a torch light, with the caption “Most Wanted: Where Are You Crash?” written out in Arabic.