‘Street Fighter 2’ turns 25 years-old today. We old, breh. We old.

Goddamn. Those of us who remember playing Street Fighter 2 in the arcade, are old.  I mean — the game itself 25-futzing-years old? I still remember putting them quarters up on the arcade cabinet to hold the next game. Usually on a Saturday afternoon in some dingy dive bar/shitty family amusement center. My Mom probably putzing around, nice enough to waste her Saturday so her DorkLord kid can blow her hard earned money. Then when it was my turn, I would eagerly, and happily, spamming fireballs with Ryu as an older, more talented dude would whoop my ass. Usually with Dhalsim or some shit. 25-futzing-years old!

Do you got a particular Street Fighter 2 memory you’d want to share? A favorite moment? A favorite character?