‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ TV Spot: “The Bat is dead. Buried.”

Man, can you imagine if Batman v Superman is good? It just sort of hit me today, watching this clip. Not that I particularly liked this clip (at all). But I’ve been writing this movie off for so long, I’ll be goddamn staggered if it actually entertains me. Like, really pleasantly surprised.


We’ve heard the Dark Knight say “Tell me … do you bleed?” again and again in trailers for“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” but now a new clip provides context for his threatening question.

Unveiled last night on “Conan” by directorZack Snyder, the scene begins with Henry Cavill‘s Superman tearing open the Batmobile to reveal Ben Affleck‘s Batman within.

“Next time they shine your light in the sky, don’t go to it,” warns a grim Superman. “The Bat is dead, bury it. Consider this mercy.”