Kojima and Del Toro’s game collab ‘Silent Hills’ is totally cancelled

Silent Hills

[Update: Konami has confirmed Silent Hills is dead.] It seemed inevitable, but still we dreamed it not so. With Kojima and Konami breaking up oddly, publicly, messily, it seems that Metal Gear’s Master’s collab with Pacific Rim Guy is dead. Fucking bummer.


It’s looking more and more like Silent Hills is canceled, with principal figures attached to the project mourning its demise on Twitter and a source telling Polygon that the game is “pretty much dead.”

Last night the director Guillermo del Toro, who had been co-directing the game with Hideo Kojima, is said to have told attendees at a film festival in San Francisco that Silent Hills “is not gonna happen,” according to an attendee via Twitter. Del Toro’s assistant retweeted that, and then made other comments indicating the project was being shelved.

Last night it was revealed that P.T., the game’s “playable teaser,” would be pulled from PlayStation Network on April 30, another sign pointing to a strange breakup between Konami and Hideo Kojima, who was collaborating with Del Toro in directing Silent Hills.

Polygon reached out for news about the fate of the game, and was told by a person with knowledge of the project’s development that it is effectively canceled.

Konami representatives have not responded to Polygon’s requests for comment. Polygon also reached out to Del Toro’s assistant and Reedus’ publicist.

If Silent Hills is shut down, attention now turns to Konami’s other franchises, namely Metal Gear Solid. Last month, Konami removed Kojima’s name and the Kojima Productions logo from the official Metal Gear Solid websites, Twitter accounts and marketing materials. That spawned reports that Kojima would be leaving the publisher for whom he as worked his entire career.