‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Official Trailer: Zack Snyder Doesn’t Get Things

I saw this trailer last night when it leaked. I hated it then. I hated it now. I’ve expended too much energy rallying against Zack Snyder for seven years on OL to really do in-depth into my hatred for this trailer, Man of Steel, or Watchmen. But let me just say! Let me just say this.

The fundamental flaw with this trailer (and by proxy, I’m assuming this movie) is that it does not build any sort of dichotomy between Batman and Superman. I had a friend last night ask me (prior to this trailer leaking), “Why do Batman and Superman fight?” It was an innocent enough question. They fight, because theoretically, they have opposing ideologies. Batman is a man done with the law, Superman is a man foolish enough to believe in it. It is necessary for Superman not to be dragged into the same brooding, miserable mud as Batman for this clash to exist. Batman and Superman as portrayed in this trailer are two miserable fuckbois who deserve one another.

Even if! Even if you succumb to the idea of Superman As Totalitarian Beast (which is interesting because Batman in TDK trilogy is the most fascist piece of garbage I know), you still don’t portray him as you did, Zack Snyder. Superman, if you want to portray him as a Totalitarian threat (you even used the cliched as fuck Orwell line), must be the fascist in hiding. He must be Hitler behind Bright Colors and a Polished Veneer. Absolutely no one would trust Superman as you portray Superman in this trailer. Or follow him. It’s supposed to be Batman that pierces through the (alleged) veil of bullshit to view him as the threat he (maybe) turns out to be.

But maybe I’m completely wrong. The fuck do I know. Movie will still make a zillion dollars.