‘Metal Gear Solid 5’ – If you suck, equip the Chicken Hat you dingus.


Should you suck at Metal Gear Solid 5, don’t worry. Kojima has the answer for you. The chicken hat. A magical item (seriously) that will nerf how quickly guards spot you.


Being scared in a war zone? Totally understandable! We can think of plenty of things that are more relaxing than persevering through fields of soldiers, artillery and landmines. So should Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain‘s threats stress you out, know that a safe(r) state of being is just a chicken hat away.

Phantom Pain director Hideo Kojima took to a holiday livestream to introduce the headgear seen above, which Kotaku explains will be offered to players that are repeatedly caught or killed. Once equipped, the chicken hat will make enemies notice Snake a bit more slowly (and make story moments more ridiculous, as it will be perched atop Snake’s head during cutscenes).

Oh, Kojima. I love that you love not giving a fuck. Like. Yeah. Is Metal Gear Solid 5 going to be good? Or is it going to be a fucking interactive movie where you bloviate about the corporatizing of warfare? Again? Don’t know. But with bullshit like this, I’m going to have to spring for.