Confirmed: ‘Episode VII’ filming IMAX sequences

Episode VII.

It’s been confirmed! There are going to be some giant fucking star fields in Episode VII.

As if there was ever any doubt. With rumors surfacing last fall that J.J. Abrams would shoot parts of “Star War: Episode 7” in the IMAX format and Disney announcing this past spring that the sequel would hit IMAX theaters, it was just a matter of time until the official word came down that yes, Abrams was actually using the cameras, and this wouldn’t just be a conversion job.

And indeed that’s the case, with Abrams’ Bad Robot tweeting today an image of the camera with the hashtag #bestformatever. Cool it, guys, let’s just hope it’s the #bestscriptever first, okay? Again, this is hardly a shock with IMAX CEO Richard Gelford saying earlier this year, “We are talking to J.J. Abrams now about the next ‘Star Wars’ being used with partly IMAX cameras.” And it looks like those talks and tests turned out well, and everyone is now probably high-fiving each other on the Millennium Falcon.

How much of the film and which sequences will get blown up remains to be seen, but we now have a year and a half to talk about it. So tell us below if you want to see Harrison Ford’s face a few stories tall at your local multiplex. [Play List]