Star Wars.

I don’t really give a fuck about the titles for any Star Wars movie. If I’m being frank, the only one that really is entrenched in my heart is Empire Strikes Back. So while these two working titles don’t do anything for me (and they may not stick), I don’t really put much stock in their importance.

But it’s fucking Star Wars news and I am a slavish fanboy.

If I could have one small sliver of information today about Star Wars Episode VII, it would be the title. Three or four simple words could give fans months of fuel for speculation. It’s not too much to ask, is it? Well considering most of the other Star Wars titles weren’t revealed until much closer to release, we probably shouldn’t hold our breaths.

Still, George Lucas apparently had two such titles in mind when he conceived the film and sold it to Disney, and those have now been revealed. Plus, with the recent news he and J.J. Abramshave been talking a lot about the film, maybe these working titles – even if they don’t come to fruition – could give a hint at the story. Read them below.

Latino Review reported on these two working titles:

Return of the Sith and Rise of the Jedi


What do you folks thing? Like them? Don’t like them? Do you care?