NASA draws (unintentional) GIANT DONG on the surface of Mars. Space Freud.

Giant Peen.

I’m glad that the aliens watching us fumble around our (obvious) initial birthplace on the surface of Mars get to bask in our ability to draw giant cocks. Oh yeah sure, we totally “didn’t mean to draw a furious cock on Mars”, but at the very least we have gone full Space Freud.


Apparently, this drawing of the male genitals etched into the surface of Mars—which has popped up on NASA’s website—was just an amusing accident. Either that, or a very dirty-minded individual got hold of the controls of NASA’s ageing Opportunity Mars rover.

As if it wasn’t bad enough it got replaced by Curiosity and left on the red planet to die, this rubs plenty of salt into the wounds for poor Opportunity. It could, of course, be pure coincidence. Or even photoshopped—but the fact that it’s on a NASA website either makes that unlikely or even funnier. Either way, it’s still childishly amusing. [NASA via Reddit via HuffPo]