Reclamation Wars.

Here is a new Star Wars rumor. A sleuth upon the International Movie Database has uncovered a trove of documents purporting to detail the new cartoon in Uncle George’s Former Empire. Take a look at the deets, and then let me know what you think.


Rumours abound as alleged pages from documents for a new Star Wars cartoon, supposedly set 15 years after Return of the Jedi and designed to link into Episode VII, leak online.

Take all this with a pinch of salt big enough to kill a slug the size of Belgium – as Star Wars fan sites are beginning to report on these leaked pages, which were posted to the IMDB forums by a supposed ex-employee of Lucasfilm fired after the Disney takeover, in reference to Dave Filoni’s confirmed involvement in future Star Wars content after Clone Wars was cancelled:

might be talking about this. we’d been working on details of it since early last year but didn’t know the details until a few months ago. got the greenlight in january but stopped everything when the layoffs hit.

i could probably get in trouble, but oh wait, i don’t work there anymore

who knows if this is the same project though, everything was dicey

The six scans reveal several details about the potential project, which, if true (keep that salt at the ready!), give us an insight into the world JJ Abrams will depict in Disney’s upcoming Star Wars films:

  • Set 15 Years after Return of the Jedi
  • Similar to events of the EU, conflict still exists between the Rebel Alliance, who now control much of the galaxy, and the Imperial Remnant (referred to here as The Union of Imperial Loyalists)
  • Both Mon Mothma and Princess Leia are namechecked, as the Supreme Chancellor and her Vice, respectively
  • Two Jedi Knights are mentioned, new characters: Master Evyn Aoka, a Kiffar Jedi who survived the great Jedi Purge, and his Padawan, Sky Bonteri
  • Other characters include Manco, a cyborg Mandalorian, Kala Calrissian, an unknown relation of Lando who appears to be of a Han Solo-esque disposition, President Rath Zel-Quul, the Chiss leader of the Imperial Loyalists, and a mysterious Lightsaber wielding Robin Hood-styled character known only as ‘The Shade’
  • The series would see both Rebels and Imperials unite against a common foe: an army of black, self-replicating droids that suddenly rise up and attack Coruscant from within its own undercity, specifically Level 1313 (Interestingly, Level 1313 was going to be the setting for the late Lucasart’s upcoming Next-Gen video game, before the studio was shuttered by Disney two weeks ago and the project seemingly cancelled).