HIDEO KOJIMA goes full RAIDEN action figure. Yup. Yupyup.


Hideo Kojima has sloughed off the coils of mortality, ascending into his rightful place as an action figure turned cyborg. Unfortunately, there is no drawstring that lets the windy Kojima blather socio-philosophical sweet nothings, but here is hoping the production model will remedy that miss.


Besides making video games, Square Enix also has a line of collectible “Play Arts” figurines. Upcoming Metal Gear Rising is getting a Play Arts version of protagonist Raiden in his black armour.

And to mark the game’s release, Square Enix sent Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima a custom version. With his face on it.

After getting this one-of-a-kind present, Kojima promptly stuck his customized mug on other Metal Gear Solid to create a “Hideo Snake”.