Video: Rian Johnson’s ‘LOOPER’ redone as 8 Bit video game. Time travel, amirite.

Looper hasn’t even come out yet (unfortunately), and it has already received a retrofitting. Ain’t nothing that says love from the geek community like taking an appreciated commodity and dipping it into an 8 bit well.


This is a pretty neat little thing. We’ve seen the trailer(s) for Rian Johnson‘s third filmLooper, which features Bruce Willis as the older version of a futuristic hitman played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Time travel enables JGL’s character to make a small fortune bumping off mob targets, but it also puts his older self into own crosshairs. Naturally, problems ensue.

Now we can experience the film as it might have been incarnated for the Super Nintendo game console. Looper the Movie the 8-Bit Game (which really looks like a 16-bit game) takes images and text from the last great trailer and reworks the story of time travel-enabled assassins to create some neat video game scenarios, complete with appropriate-sounding music.