Baz Luhrmann reportedly trying to raise more money for ‘GATSBY’ reshoots after WB says no. DEATH TO FINANCIERS.

Baz Luhrmann is trying to raise money for Gatsby reshoots. Dear lord, I’ve never wished someone so ill in their attempt to better their money.

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As already glimpsed in his Kanye-trotting premiere trailer for “The Great Gatsby,” Baz Luhrmann has confirmed his over-exuberant style will remain consistent for his fifth film. Unfortunately, as the Australian filmmaker’s filmography has repeatedly shown, a pretty studio penny is also required to depict all that opulence on-screen, and now with Luhrmann facing a six-month delay, he’s looking further than Warner Bros. to add some extra Jazz-age panache to the project.

Coming on the heels of the not-entirely-troubling news that Warner Bros. have moved ‘Gatsby’ from Christmas this year to summer of next, the Herald Sun reports the studio has now declined Luhrmann extra money, on top of the $127 million already invested, for an extra round of reshoots with main cast involved. So instead, the director himself is apparently trying to raise extra financing privately. In addition to extra production work in Australia, Luhrmann is hoping part of any additional funding he raises will go towards fine-tuning the visual effects, which from basically every shot seen thus far, looks considerable. Speaking to Vulture, Luhrmann explained his process as of late. “I’m just very nourished by working on it. I’m just thrilled. Right now I’m working on music, you can imagine how involved I am in the music alone.”