Captain America’s second cinematic jam didn’t just get an official title, it’s also snagging itself some casting news. Anthony Mackie is in talks to play the mofuckin’ Falcon.


The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of Mackie’s likely involvement in the film, which is scheduled for a April 4, 2014 release.

The newly revealed title all but confirms that Bucky, a character played by Sebastian Stan in The First Avenger, will return as The Winter Solider. He’s Russia’s answer to Captain America, a super soldier brainwashed by the Russians when he’s discovered all but dead. Somehow, one would image Captain America would learn of this person in some post-Avengers way and have a battle with his former friend.

Falcon, the character Mackie is believed to be up for though Marvel wouldn’t comment, is a New York based, African American superhero named Sam Wilson. In the comics, he’s regularly teamed up with Cap, and even flirted with joining The Avengers. The character has also had story lines dealing with S.H.I.E.L.D, the Cosmic Cube and even played a key role in comic book storyline that saw Bucky become the new Captain America. With this character now in the mix, there are a ton of different directions that not only this film can go, but Avengers 2 and a third Captain America film as well.

Falcon? Fuck yeah!