Former NASA Scientist: FTL May Be Achieved Between Years 2300 and 3000. There Goes My Bucket List.

FTL travel is the holy grail of science-fiction dorks. It is what shall let us venture into the depths of space, colonizing planets and ruining shit outside of our own solar system. Unfortunately, we aren’t anywhere near achieving the son of a bitch, if it’s even possible.

The Verge:

Former NASA physicist and founder of the Tau Zero Foundation Marc Millis talked about the prospects of interstellar and faster-than-light (FTL) travel in a recent interview withForbes¬†contributor Bruce Dorminey. Millis retired from NASA early to pursue interstellar travel research, and says that if made a priority, in half a century we could send an unmanned probe to Alpha Centauri at one tenth the speed of light. However, fuel and funding are a huge limitation, and Millis and many others still struggle with the question of how to run a space program on “less money than is [annually] spent on potato chips.” For more on interstellar travel and how FTL may actually be possible, check out the¬†whole interview.

Crappin’ on my dreams, man.