Nikkei: ‘Wii 2’ Will Have Touchscreen Controller, Arrive In Late 2012.

Nikkei is some legit Japanese news source. That’s what the internet is telling me today. They are some news source who accurately predicted a bunch of DSi crap or something, and today they’re offering some proclamations and confirmations about the Wii 2/Project Cafe/Whatever you want to call Nintendo’s next console.


Japanese news source Nikkei has confirmed at least one of the many Project Cafe/Wii 2 rumors. They say that the controller will feature a six-inch touchscreen at its center, allowing for tablet-like controls of games. As rumored, there will also be buttons to be used alongside this touchscreen. A camera will also let you snap pictures of your face, much like you can on the Nintendo 3DS.

It has also been confirmed that the controller can be used as a stand-alone game device, as it’s equipped with a battery that will support play on-the-go.

Finally, Nikkei says that this new console could launch as early as the middle of 2012.

Nothing too spectacular here. It’s a confirmation of things previously bantered about, and rumored. It’s nice to have it confirmed, even if I had already taken it to be words born of steel and stone! Or something of that accord. The neatest concept throughout these rumors is the idea of taking the controller around and having it operate like its own standalone concept. I wouldn’t expect too much out of it, given that Nintendo wouldn’t want to undermine their own handheld dominance, but maybe I can play some mini-games on it.