Hulk Hogan Is Getting His Own Kinect Game. Now It All Makes Sense.

With the passing of Macho Man last week, it’s good to see that another childhood icon of mine is carrying on. Ye old leather-skinned Hulk Hogan, whose ticker somehow refuses to quit. Hogan isn’t just still among the living, he’s also still the master of whoring his own Existence turned Brand. Thanks to him and the geniuses at  Majesco, we’ll be getting a Hulk Hogan game for the Kinect.

Now the peripheral makes perfect sense.


Majesco  is publishing  Hulk Hogan’s Main Event, a Kinect for Xbox 360 title that it will reveal at E3 next month.

Right. So. Majesco says the game will have Hulk Hogan himself putting players through their paces as he teaches them the ropes of professional wrestling. Gamers will emulate the Hulksters famous poses and perform 30-plus wrestling combos… in their living rooms. It also sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Main Event will feature a create-a-wrestler mode, nine venues, both single- and two-player tag-team modes, and more.

Do want! The game needs to have a mode that teaches you how to shake uncontrollably and wag your finger once you enter into Hogan’s invincible mode. You know the mode of which I speak. At some point during the match, thanks to our chanting and outright pleas for him to whup some ass, he enters into a trance whereby not only is he impervious to damage, but it also increases his strength.

C’mon Hulkster, you and your game. You teach me that.