Rumor: ‘The Avengers’ To Feature ANOTHER Villain?

There’s a rumor going around of another villain in the Avengers movie. One we haven’t spat about yet, and who frankly, would be a fucking righteous threat for a sequel or so. Spoilers ahead, fuckos.


[There] is a report that confirms some suspicion that arose last summer about another character that could be making trouble for Earth and The Avengers.

OK, so the further background is that Loki uses the Cosmic Cube (or Tesseract, as it is called in one instance) that the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) digs up in Captain America: The First Avenger to bring an alien race called the Skrulls to earth.

Now Latino Review says that there is another villain: Thanos, a long-running Marvel Comics bad guy. If accurate, this would confirm some speculation that arose last year when Marvel showed off a prop version of the Infinity Gauntlet at Comic Con. That item was also seen very briefly in Thor.

I’d be totally down with Thanos rolling up in the second Avengers movie. I’m assuming that whatever occurs with him in this movie will be in some sort of set-up for him holding down the scene as the primary villain in a later flick. I could be wrong. It’s just that the Loki/Cube/Skrulls combo has been bantered about so much that it’s hard to imagine it won’t be them. Whatever the case, Thanos and his gorgeous gauntlet are a welcomed villain.

The concept of the Avengers demands some absurd antagonist to rally again. They’re not just one or two superheroes, it’s an entire fucking force of them rolling out as a posse. What would necessitate such a fucking squad? Why, invading aliens or dudes with reality-warping gauntlets.