Microsoft Is Helping Out Young Xbox Live Hacker! Kindness!

While it’s news to me, apparently there was a scam going around Xbox Live last month. Some dude was phishing in Modern Warfare 2, and when he was caught Microsoft didn’t drop the hammer on him. They had him cozy up to their sweaty, stinking, but bizarrely comforting side.


According to Microsoft’s Paul Rellis, the culprit responsible has been caught, and discovered to be a…14 year-old Irish kid. What’s more, instead of punishing the boy or turning him over to the law, Rellis says that Microsoft is “working with the teenager to develop his talent” in an attempt to “help him use his skills for legitimate purposes”.

This reminds me a lot of Lex Luthor taking Billy Batson under his wing in Kingdom Come. World domination! Evil cackles! Something!  Nothing good can come from this.