Variant Covers: Mutiny!

Ahoy! Mutiny on the Cyber-Sea! Caffeine Powered has been sent walking Spanish and now I, Pepsibones Krueger, am steering this vessel known as VARIANT COVERS! Yes! Finally! I GOT THE TOUCH! I GOT THE POWER!

*Ahem* Yeah, so anyways, I’m going to highlight some of this week’s more notable comics releases. Join me – it’s going to be a blast.

Captain America #607

Bucky Barnes continues to rock the shield, even as Steve Rogers has been brought back from wherever. As a fan of character development (I know, I know, maybe I should reevaluate my loyalty to comic books), I am more than pleased that `ole Stars and Stripes’ status quo hasn’t been reinstated. Instead, Brubaker gets to keep pleasing fans readers by toying with paneled mythology.

Truthfully, I kind of forget what’s going on in the series right now. I remember that Bucky and Falcon slap down some thugs and Baron Zemo plans something treacherous. I’m assuming we’ll get more of that this week. With Brubaker/Guice teaming up, the book is virtually guaranteed to be enjoyable.


Green Lantern #55

Holy shit. This might be the most ridiculous issue of GL in recent history. Setting the tone, this is a crossover with Brightest Day — an event whose direction I’m still unsure of. Yeah, we all know that it has something do to with the end of Blackest Night and whatnot, but what the hell’s going on? Is this something I should really care about or should I just put my eggs in the Return of Bruce Wayne basket? Nevertheless, I give Brightest Day the pass because I got hooked up with an ill White Lantern ring.

So, this comic promises a brawl between Lobo (at one-time a satire, now more of a pastiche) and Atrocitus (the Red Lantern who reminds me of Abdullah the Butcher). Of course, these two troublemakers won’t get away with this sort of intergalactic caca. If I had to guess, I’d say Hal Jordan is going to step it up, punch a hole in the butthead by whom he is most annoyed, and then call it a day.


Invincible Iron Man Annual #1

You gotta love annuals. As I’ve come to know them, these editions usually offer more pages, better art, and more concise storytelling than their monthly counterparts. I’ll gladly shell out an extra buck for book that I’ll actually remember years down the road.

For Tony Stark’s first annual, the tried-and-true team of Fraction/Larroca present some sort of backstory for the Mandarin. From the descriptions I’ve read, it seems as though the issue will operate in a fashion à la The Killing Joke; there will be both genuine hints and well-played misdirection, captivating readers while never giving away too much.

If you liked the Iron Man flicks, you should check this comic out. Matt Fraction has done a terrific job of writing stories to lure in new fans while paying respect to the legacies that the more dedicated fanbase has spent years adoring.


Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island #2

God damn you, Warren Ellis. I’m going to buy this comic book tomorrow. And I hate myself for that. The fact of the matter is that you’re just too damn awesome. You have kooky pseudo-scientific ideas wrapped around action and heartfelt sentiment. Your dialogue is witty and I care about your characters.

As one of the best writers in comics, you’ve earned my dollar bills. But the fact is that you might just have too many ideas. In a way, I’d prefer if you just cooked up one or two plots and then followed them to the end. Planetary took four years to finish. What’s the deal with Fell? And when can I expect a new Doktor Sleepless, the best narrative I’ve read in years?

Please, Warren, take my money. You’ve paid your dues and now I want to help pay your light bill. But I’m going to be expecting you to finish some of the aforementioned projects sometime soon.


Egad! It appears as though Caffeine Powered has pounded a two-liter of Mountain Dew and is preparing to reclaim his ship! Into the Information-Scooner I go, piloting myself back to my hidden base. Feel free to visit any time you’d like.