Weekend Open Bar: The G(l)ory of the Slumber Party!

Lordy, lordy! Look what motherfucking time it is, my friend! ‘Tis nothing less than the most glorious time of the fucking week. Namely, the fucking weekend! I just got done grading eighteen essays, which means I can shut my brain the fuck down until Sunday! It’s been an absolute nut-crusher of a week, and I cannot wait to vaporize my brain, engorge my stomach, and titillate my ocular-globes.

As well, I cannot wait to hang out with you fellow dregs of society here at the Open Bar! What are you slime balls up to this weekend? Are you checking out Godzilla versus Kong? Are you celebrating the resurrection of the Bearded, Sandal-Clad, Immortal Socialist? Perhaps with some Easter eggs and a delicious meal?

Whatever the case, also spend your time here! Spittin’ and shittin’ about all the happenings of your Weekend!

It’s the Weekend! This is the Open Bar!