Weekend Open Bar: Are You Ready?

wob - are you ready

Are you ready? Whole squad’s ready! Forgive me from quoting the tune from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Super Bowl trailer! I’m just so fucking pumped for this shit! As I’ve probably puked-up many times around these parts, Bucky is my favorite motherfucker in the MCU! Just an absolute unit of brooding, healthy male bonding, and gorgeous hair. How can you not love this motherfucker! It’s impossible, and now this son of a bitch is getting a co-starring role in the latest dollop of dashing MCU madness.

That’s really the Eye of My Weekend Boner Storm, but it ain’t all! Nah, son! I got myself some hanging with Bateman. I got myself some banging with Lewis. I got myself some pizza, wrestling, Mexican food, and Symphony of the Night with you pricks! A real fucking Murderer’s Row of activities to close out what’s been a fairly uneventful Spring Break. Not that the uneventfulness is surprising, right? Like, given the fucking Pandemic and all. But don’t fucking cry for me! It seems set-up to be finishing strong.

Hey! Fuckos! I’m sorry, I know I’m droning on, and on, and on! But I ain’t done telling you what I’m looking forward to! That’s right, I’m looking forward to your sweet dusk! Sitting next to me here in the Open Bar, regaling me with tales of chasing ass, making cash, and what you’re up to this Weekend!

Let’s spend some time during these waning moments of my vacation. Just us members of the Space-Ship Omega, some good vibes, and some shared times.

This is Weekend Open Bar!