Weekend Open Bar: What’s Mine Is Yours

weekend open bar what's mine is yours

You know, it’s been a goddamn crazy week! To the point where I actually started a MMC with the same headline, and, whelp. That shit was flushed down the existentially quickness when the week hit warp speed. That said, I’m here now! How the fuck is everyone doing? Before we get going, a reminder. Check your pants for your genitals, check your wallet for a lucky dollar bill, and check your psyche for the few firing neurons left.

You back? You good? Your biological pump-and-chasm working? Lucky dollar in place? Brain tethered together with Insistence and Folly? Fucking good. Good! So,┬álet’s hang the fuck out now! Given that we’re all in one place, secured, and seizing.

Oh, you know the goddamn deal by now! Don’t stunt. Don’t front. Don’t tell me you don’t sniff socks and get a little turgid. Here, we are all family. What does that mean? Well, you know the axiom. The family that gets aroused together, stays together. The family that shares their communal pie, stays together.

Okay, I’ll admit it. There’s a very good chance that very few of you follow any of those sayings. But, you’re here with me now! And I demand supplication! Or, participation at the very least.

This is Weekend Open Bar. Join me, or face Judgment. Which just consists of me crying, once again certain no one loves me. It’s pathetic. It’s honestly just easier to temporarily placate me. Do it for me.