Weekend Open Bar: Hope You’re Well

weekend open bar hope youre well

It’s the motherfucking weekend, bay-bay! Not a moment too soon. Not a moment too late. Everything its place, as it should be. On a cosmic scale, at least And we’re being honest, as it only could be. For the Universe marches on, regardless of our consciousness and its impact upon it. That said, hey! Sort of fucking freeing, no?

Nothing matters, everything matters, and most importantly — shit’s just carrying on. So, let’s take care of one another, be it in this community, and all the other ones you belong to.

We’re free to hang out, friends. Kick off our shoes, pop off our pants, and gather around the bar in the Space-Ship Omega. Tell me, comrades! What are you up to this weekend? Staying inside in the glorious air conditioning, playing anything? Hanging outside in the sweltering heat, paying tribute to Helios?

I wanna know! I wanna chat!

I hope you’re well.

This is Weekend Open Bar!