Weekend Open Bar: Ride The Dusk!

weekend open bar ride the dusk

Hey-o, hey-o, hey! Yeah, can you tell I got nothing, friends? Nothing much crackling right now, this Friday afternoon. However, the weekend? I’m not really sure! As I mentioned earlier this week, my anniversary is on Saturday. But, Sam has a busy weekend of yoga training, and I’ve got an inclination to celebrate it during more placid times. So, where does that leave me? Probably gaming, reading, and stroking!

In other words, business as usual. Which is okay. Which is okay! I mean, right? It’s gotta be okay, because it’s gotta be this way.

That said, how about you join me at the Open Bar! Pull the tab on your favorite drink, wipe down your genitals to take the heat-stink away, and kick your feet up! What are you doing on this sweltering weekend? Staying in, and reading? Hitting a local park, pond, or beach, responsibly?

Let’s shoot the shit, let’s share the shit, let’s spend some time together.

I love ya’ll, this is Weekend Open Bar.