Coronavirus Non-Commute: It’s Not Depression, It’s COVID-19!

monday morning commute its not depression

It ain’t depression, friends! It’s COVID-19! And baby is it ever striking! I’m on Spring Break, but Spring Break during the apocalypse doesn’t really pop. You know? Everything is closed. Nothing to do. Except sit around, worry about my job, eat too much, and refresh /r/coronavirus. Not good! Not good at all.

As someone who needs the gym not just for his body, but for his mind, this is a bit of a tough stretch. As someone who needs social interaction and routine just to slathered together a dinted, but functioning psyche, this is a bit of a tough stretch.

Which is why I need you more than ever, my friends! To help me bask in the frivolity and distractions that we need to pad our lives with. Perhaps not solely bask in, but times like this prove more than ever, we need as humans.

Here’s what’s on my motherfucking mind this week, friends. The arts I’m embracing, the fears that are chasing, and other miscellany bullshit. I hope you’ll join me in the comments. ‘Cause, like, what the fuck else are you doing?

This is the Coronavirus Non-Commute, the really weird temporary off-shoot of Monday Morning Commute.


I’m really fucking thinking of snagging DOOM Eternal this week. Why not, right? My only hesitancy is that I haven’t finished Days Gone. But, fuck. Like, do I keep playing the enjoyable but fleeting post-apocalyptic game, or do I engage the sequel to one of my favorite titles ever. It’s pretty fucking elementary at this point, no? Still, I feel a bit bad leaving Days Gone behind. It’s fun! It’s fun. But, it certainly ain’t fucking Rip & Tear.


All the closures (part I) are absolutely rocking my fucking psyche. I’m someone who works out at least once a day. Now, the fitness studio is closed. The yoga studio is closed. And, the local gym is closed. Fuck, fuck me sideways! As a recovering fat kid (if you’re fat in high school, you’re fat forever), this is giving me anxiety about my body. And, as a recovering bipolar kid, I absolutely need the chemicals released from exercised to calm me down. Not good. Not good at all.


Been listening to some more synthwave, perhaps obviously. I’m sorry if my recommendations don’t really branch out to other genres lately, but this is really it! That said, the tunes this week are much more mellow. Probably because I need some soothing-ass-shit. You know? Not the usual replicant-hunting music I’ve been sending your way.


All the closures (part II) are absolutely rocking my fucking psyche. My school finally made the sensible decision to go online for the rest of the semester. But friends, I didn’t build this course for an online modality! As well, a lot of my students don’t have reliable internet, or stable home situations. Going to be tricky, tricky indeed. That ain’t even considering all this bullshit’s impact on my Future — will my summer course run? If it doesn’t, not only is it a financial loss, but it means I won’t be on campus until September. Six fucking months! And, how many classes will I have in the Fall? What will enrollment look like?

Listen, I know in the grand scheme of things these are selfish concerns. But, I’d rather acknowledge them and work towards perspective, than not let them out.

Feel free to share your own.


Finally, I’m looking for some TV and movie recommendations! Ya’ll know me, so aim for something you think I’d enjoy. I just finished HBO’s The Outsider last night. The pacing is a bit all over the place in the backend of the season, but it’s really enjoyable. Ben Mendelsohn for everything. On the movie front? Been thinking in checking out A Better To Tomorrow by John Woo. Don’t why I haven’t. Probably just the general distraction that’s rocking me lately. Hard to concentrate when society’s on fire. But, I think that’s exactly why I need something. Something! Captivating to grab onto.


That’s it for me, friends. I hope you’ll spend some time with me here! What are you getting into this week? How are you feeling this week?