Weekend Open Bar: You’ve Got To Be Kind

weekend open bar you've got to be kind

What’s up, travelers aboard the Space-Ship OMEGA? It’s finally, finally the Weekend Open Bar.

Boy. Weird week, no? COVID-19 has finally struck America’s consciousness, and such a strike has felled any sort of normalcy. Ain’t no sports! Ain’t no toilet paper! Movie premieres being delayed. Schools being closed. What the fuck! What the fuck does this all mean?

Honestly, I don’t know!

But, I want to spend the weekend hanging out with you motherfuckers, spit-balling about the weirdness across the globe. And, I want to spend the weekend sharing just what the fuck we’re doing to fill the void created by pretty much every social activity absolutely vaporized. What do you say, fuckers?

Pull up a chair! I promise I’ve sanitized it myself. Just straight-up rubbed my Purell-slicked body all over it.

Snag a drink! Or rip your vape! Or, fuck it, none of us are going anywhere, rock both. Be responsibly irresponsible from the comfort of your own home.

Once you’re comfortable, tell me! What are you watching, to fill your time? What are you reading, to fill your brain? What are you rubbing one out to, to fill your fleshlight?

Let’s spend time time together here. Currently, there ain’t really anywhere else to go. This is Weekend Open Bar!