Monday Morning Commute: Booty Hunting Is A Complicated Profession

monday morning commute booty hunting is a complicated profession

It ’tis I, the booty hunter! You know me! The man who can stare at gifs of butts on Tumblr for hours, but is always late with Monday Morning Commute. Listen! Listen. Booty hunting is a complicated profession. But more than that, it is gloriously passive. Way easier to watch ’em giggle than to pen something. Even slop! Even slop such as this, I know.

But! The booty hunter has arrived, and I’ve got with me my weekly satchel of sacred distractions that are getting me through the week. And oh, fuck, do I hate the weeks lately. Dark as fuck. Cold as fuck. I want to bury myself in blankets and caloric excess and wait for Spring. But, I can’t yield just yet. I mean, we got a significant amount of fucking months to go, and I can’t throw in the towel.

So this here is Monday Morning Commute! And the forthcoming are what I’m enjoying or looking forward to this week! I hope you’ll share your own satchel of sacred distractions in the comments section!

I must admit, I’m going to be quick! Dinner is on the way, and The Mandalorian awaits me. If I can punch this out prior to Mr. Door Dash arriving, I’ll be ecstatic.

Playing: The Outer Worlds

Holy fuck, is this the spiritual successor to Fallout that we have all been waiting for.


Ruminating: Parasite

Saw it Sunday evening with Pluto and Bateman. It’s good! It’s wild! It riffs on all my usual favorite topics.


Seeing: Street Cleaner and Protector 101 on Saturday

I don’t know how to describe Street Cleaner. He’s, like, synthwave. But darker. But not darkwave. I don’t know, someone help me in the comments section. Anyways, he fucking rules. Glad to be seeing him.


Sweating: The Mandalorian

It only took seven years since the purchase of Lucasfilm, but apparently we’ve finally got some new Star Wars worth standing on its own. I can’t wait to watch the pilot tonight.


Debating: Death Stranding

Man, what a weird fucking game. Almost everyone I know and respect who is playing the game is enjoying it. Nay, fuck that, scratch that. Everyone I know and respect who is playing the game is enjoying it. Will I get it? Probably. When? I’m thinking I’ll wait until semester break.


Re-Reading: Transmetropolitan

It’s eerie how fucking prescient this comic series was. Now, it reads like a soothing balm. Why is it soothing? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because it reframes all of our technological insanity and political depravity as yet another HST column. From the future. Present.


Eating: Too Much

I’m eating way too much. Way too fucking much! My diet only works if, you know, I only chow down during the weekends. But anxiety and depression have a way of stripping away my self-control, and filling-up the waistband of my pants.



That’s it for me, friends. What are you looking forward to this week? What are you enjoying?