Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is “unraveling” cause nothing golden can stay, my dudes

jupiter great red spot unraveling

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot? That motherfucking storm on the planet that’s bigger than Earth? Yeah, it’s currently unraveling.

Boing Boing:

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, a vast storm system visible on the gas giant since at least the 1830s and perhaps the 1660s, is reportedly “unraveling.”

“I haven’t seen this before in my 17-or-so years of imaging Jupiter,” reports veteran observer Anthony Wesley of Australia, who photographed a streamer of gas detaching itself from the GRS on May 19th: The plume of gas is enormous, stretching more than 10,000 km from the central storm to a nearby jet stream that appears to be carrying it away. Wesley says that such a streamer is peeling off every week or so.