‘Maniac’ Teaser: Emma Stone and Jonah Hill got a Multiversal Connection in Fukunaga’s limited series

Not even watching this teaser, friends. Just sharing it in case you’re inclined. Why ain’t I? ‘Cause I’m already three-thousand-fucking-percent sold on this limited series from Cary Fukunaga.


Despite several trailers dropping for Cary Fukunaga‘s highly anticipated Netflix miniseries, Maniac remains very much a mystery. We know that it features two former Superbad stars and that it’s about as different from Superbad as could be. And that Emma Stone and Jonah Hill play two strangers struggling with mental illness who meet at a pharmaceutical drug trial that will supposedly solve all their problems — only to be sent on a wild adventure through a shared mind-verse.

The new Maniac teaser gives us a greater glimpse at the cosmic connection between Stone’s Annie and Hill’s Owen, who can’t stop meeting in each of the imagined worlds that the drug trial lands them in.