Monday Morning Commute: It’s Just A Fountain Soda, Who Cares?

monday morning commute you saw nothing

Reentry into reality sucks, today. My bowels are still building seriously slippery turds. My sleep schedule is fucked. My brain is staggering around, attempting to figure out how to imbue in students a sense of urgency and discipline that I myself don’t have. But, what can I do? Knuckle up, hunker down, and bang out the rest of the semester.

What can, oh whatever can get me through this week? The rest of the semester? Why, a multitude of things! Why, a multitude of things, condensed into two.

First, the various distractions, distinctions, and arts and farts I’m about to list below!

After all, that’s the whole point of Monday Morning Commute. To share you’re looking forward to this week.

Second, your happenings this week, in the comments section!

After all, that’s the whole point of Monday Morning Commute. To share you’re looking forward to this week.

Without further ado, adieu, to the preamble.



Atlanta, on FX. I know I’m late to the party, but this show is a fucking revelation. By shattering his own persona into three distinct characters, Donald Glover and his talented crew can examine the various facets of Gambino. The African American quirky nerd. The struggling, existentially blunted every man. The aspiring musician (and actor, I suppose). It’s done with a melancholic, hilarious, and occasionally absurdist dint. Just like life, or something.



Action Bronson’s album, Blue Chips 7000. Rendar showed it to me last week. I initially typed “next week”, and wouldn’t that be a fucking hoot. This dickhead rocketing through non-linear time-space, no? Anyways. It’s got some bangers. Not every track is classic, but such is the state of most modern hip-hop albums. Records? Albums? I don’t fucking know.



Watching cutscenes from Wolfenstein 2: Nazi Punching Simulator, and relishing the experience. There’s some surprisingly insightful tugs of ideological war in the game, complimented by copious amount of manslaughter and style. I’m already ready for the third installment.



Justice League. Yet another DCEU turd blossom wrapped in pathetic computer generated imagery and failed one-liners. It’s…It’s almost incomprehensible how many times in a row this company has managed to stab itself in its nards. I suppose there’s kudos to be doled out (not really) for their attempted tonal shift courtesy of the Whedon Reshoot. I suppose. Yet, what’s left is a flavorless patchwork monster, shambling around on the screen, all the while any viewer with brain activity is left wondering how so many hundreds of millions of dollars could produce so little.



Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s expansion, The Frozen Wilds. It’s more of the same. Which is perfectly acceptable when the same is my game of the year. Ya fuckin’ feel me? Though, I have to say that the title has me jonesing from an actual sequel. Like, you know. Carrying on the narrative. This is, at best, a side story to the main narrative. Such side stories haven’t really bothered me in other expansions I’ve loved (namely all of the Fallout DLC throughout the years). However, I think that’s because typically I don’t give two tugs of a rotting tip about the main narrative.



Mr. Robot is once again my Favorite Show Currently Airing. Such is a more distinguished appellation than the one it carried during its second season. That appellation was Most Disappointing Second Season Since True Detective. The show seemed to have found the fucking rudders it dropped last season. The creatives dipped their hands into the shit-stew they were wallowing in, grabbed them shits, and begun to haul ass.

Gone is the overly antagonistic treatment of the viewer, instead replaced with them more playful, inventive style of the original season. I’m completely fine with a show fucking with its viewers, playing with form, and being inventive. It’s part of why I love the show much. But when it devolves into something seemingly antagonistic, and most damning of all, pointless, I’m fucking pulling my hair out.

This season though? I’m back in.


That’s it for me, my dudes. What are you digging on this week?