Weekend Open Bar: I Eat Stickers All The Time, Dude!

weekend open bar i eat stickers all the time

Friends! Friends. I’m at a level of fatigue that I do not usually reach. Oh, the ethers from beyond beckon me towards slumber. Like not eternal slumber, don’t get me wrong. More like, oh, I don’t know. Eating six Pop Tarts, drowning my esophagus in ice cream, and drifting off. Drifting off where? Ideally to the Astral Plane for a good twelve or so hours. Just ripping ass, snoring, and healing my weakened mind-shafts.

The good news?

The good news is that I am of that privileged sort that has the weekends off.

The great news?

The great news is that I am of that privileged sort who has no papers to grade (for once).

Who has no lesson plans to figure out (handled them yesterday). Who has no responsibilities this weekend outside of remembering to wipe my ass (we’ll see), hang out with Bateman, and eat too much food.


Hopefully, you’ll spend some time here at the Weekend Open Bar with me, as I convalesce. As I (hopefully) coalesce into something resembling a functioning human being.

Tell me, dear friends. Fellow rotting meat-cases, beleaguered confused souls, and overall wonderful folks, what are you doing this weekend? Getting some rest in? Playing some Frozen Wilds? Catching Thor for the first time? The second time?

This is Weekend Open Bar.

Let’s hang out.