Monday Morning Commute: It’s been a weird summer (so far)

Monday Morning Commute: It's been a weird summer (so far)

Man, it’s been a weird summer so far. Today marked the sixth, and final week of the summer class that I teach for incoming freshmen students. There’s just been something off since the get-go, and as its conclusion nears, a sense of confusion that it’s really ending, and a sense of relief that it’s really ending are both making themselves known. But it’s the end, the conclusion, the finale this week.

And for all my whimpering, simpering, and bitching, I only have to wear dress pants three more times until September.

And for all my whimpering, simpering, and bitching, I only have to work four days a week until September.

So here we are. Frazzled, and fried, but fairly grateful, all things considered.

This is Monday Morning Commute. The wank-off section, where we wank, and oh do we stroke, and rub, and perhaps even lick ourselves to the arts&farts we’re looking forward to on a given week. I’ll go first.

Then you go. Get excited. Don’t worry. Wet naps and warm towels will be dispensed per your request.


All I want to do in life (besides have sex, eat bad food, watch wrestling, and get high) is play Breath of the Wild. It’s fucking the real deal, dude. I finally understand why everyone raves about it.


Dunkirk is dropping this week, and wow, woah, wow, woah baby!, are the reviews positive. Not sure when I am seeing it, I just know that I need to see it.


As intimated in my above rant, one of the things I want to do is watch wrestling. Specifically, this week, the NJPW G1 Climax. We’re talking Naito versus fucking Ibushi, and while that might mean nothing to you, it means *everything* to me.


I’ve been slogging through Game of Thrones, in an effort to surf the Cultural Zeitgeist with what feels like all of the Western pop culture world. And, man. Emphasis on slog. My feelings for Thrones remain the feelings I had for it when I tapered off my viewing of it. I find it to be a beautifully executed, tremendously produced bore, with an absurd masturbation of nihilism, pessimism, and community college PoliSci 101. That said, fuck it. I’m in Season 5, and I’m just going to keep pushing through.


I may have finally wrangled the gang into doing a fucking OMEGA-CAST this weekend. Maybe. Finally. With an audience of zero, it is at worst an excuse to actually hang out with all of them at once (a rarity in this day and age, especially when one of them is spending their summer driving across the country). So, I’ll take it. If you listen, god bless you, if you don’t listen, good call.


That’s it for me, comrades. What are you looking forward to, this week?