Weekend Open Bar: Welcome Fellow Travellers!


Welcome, fellow travellers! Welcome here to the Open Bar, upon the Space-Ship Omega! I #cantstop and I #wontstop the cheesy, but ultimately enjoyable (for me) conceit! You know, the one about this website being a Space-Ship. You know, the one about us being denizens of a shuddering, weathered, but comforting hunk of self-propelling space-junk amid the abyss of the internet cosmos.

As I said, it’s comforting.

So come on in to the bar, folks. Tell me the tales of your weekend adventures, your beautiful visages lit by the neoned-glow of the saloon’s signs. Remark upon what you’re going to be eating, drinking, reading, playing, worshipping this weekend, your beautiful visages lit-up┬áby the dim led-insets upon each bar table.

As I said, as I say every week, this is Weekend Open Bar. The place in cyberspace where I invite all you fellows and folks to gather with me, passing the time together, as life passes the time for all of us.

What are you up to this weekend?