Tuesday Evening Commute: Born Of The Bomb

born of the bomb

It’s Tuesday, Tuesday Evening. I’m writing what was supposed to be Monday, Monday Morning Commute. The clock ticks towards quarter of 6pm, Eastern Seaboard of the Empire Standard. I have approximately 23 minutes to file this, to fart it, to fecal-blast this shinformation onto your digital face. Before! Before my next obligation. I’ve been wearing the same dress pants for ten hours, I’m tired, my caffeine levels are precariously low, and I have so much goddamn wood to chop before I sleep.

But I’m happy, happy to generate this minuscule bubble of textual diarrhea. This minuscule raft in the shitty seas of oblivion that seem to constitute this year, this 2016 A.D. Come friends, come quickly. Ignore my purple-headed boner, I merely have to pee. Come friends, come quickly. Ignore the wild look in eyes, I’m merely between my past caffeine fix and my next.

Come friends, come quickly. Join me on this raft, cling to it with me. Nay, cling to it for me.

This is Tuesday Evening Commute. This is what I’m looking forward to this week. Please, I implore, I beseech, I cajole. Please, join me in the comments section. Let me know what you’re indulging in this week.



Playing: Gears of War 4

I need to beat this game in the next few days. You see, there’s another game dropping this week.



Reading: Sheriff of Babylon

The “season” finale of this fucking aggressively dope comic book series drops tomorrow. Read this fucking comic.



Fearing: This Presidential Election

I have no idea what the fuck is going to become of this country, a week from now. I’m not optimistic no matter what ScumLord ascends into the CorporateBackedThrone, but clearly I prefer Nixon to Gump Hitler.



Playing: Infinite Warfare

The Space-Ship Omega has been surfing the Radiation Beltway for over seven years, now. During this seven years, I have never, ever, missed a Call of Duty game. I don’t intend to, now.



Watching: Doctor Strange

Somehow this movie is getting good reviews. Egg on my face, proclaimer of its assy-ness. Somehow I’m actually excited for this movie. Egg on my face, redux. I should be complaining, I’m not complaining. Any sort of cute Marvel distraction that I can enjoy, any one of them, I’m going to.



Listening: (Album) Born of the Bomb (Band) Lich King

I had a student sporting these dudes’ shirt in one of my classes. It was typical metal artwork, which is to say awesome. It was typical metal band name, which is to say it speaks directly to Adolescent Ian. They’re good, man! I don’t know if they have lasting power in my musical rotation, but they’re a very Anthrax-y thrash band. Good for a distraction at worst. And that’s fine, you know?


That’s it for me, friends. Climb, climb aboard my Raft. Regal me, regal me with what you’re up to this week.