Mark Millar wants John Cena for Superior movie

john cena superior

Mark Millar knows exactly who he wants to play the lead in the movie adaptation of his comic book, Superior. It’s none other than John fucking Cena. I fuck with this. So hard.


Writer Mark Millar, whose comics “Wanted,” “Kick-Ass” and “The Secret Service” have already been adapted for the big screen, now knows who he wants to star in “Superior”: pro wrestler turned actor John Cena.
Millar elaborated on his this morning on his message board, writing, “‘Train-Wreck’ […] was stolen by John Cena, who’s comic timing as so immense and his look so bang-on that I literally requested him for Superior before I’d even watched the end of the DVD.”

Noting he’d never seen Cena in a film before “Train Wreck, Millar added, “That other guy we had all talked about over the phone is actually getting a little old and I’m not convinced his BO is real. I think there could be some happy accidents in there. Cena is also much better at comedy than he is. He seems genuinely funny.”