Watch: Marvel’s Thor Mockumentary shows what he was doing during ‘Captain America: Civil War’

I missed this when it dropped at San Diego Comic-Con. Unless it didn’t drop *officially*? Anyhoo — here’s an official mockumentary that answers the most important question of Civil War: where the fuck was Thor?!

The Mary Sue:

While the clip first premiered at San Diego Comic-Con a couple months ago, its release online coincides with the promotion of the release ofCaptain America: Civil War on Digital HD on September 2. Along with the “Team Thor” mockumentary, there’s tons of other bonus digital content that will be made available. (The DVD and Blu-Ray will be available on September 13, but it’s possible to start pre-ordering now if you wish.) Even though we’ve still got some time before the release of Thor: Ragnarok on November 3, let’s bask in the ability of Chris Hemsworth to be hilarious no matter which character he’s playing.