Monday Morning Commute: Pizza, Prosthetics, and the Post-Human Condition

Pizza at the end of the World

Got my sweatpants on. Got dinner in my guts. Got Monday Night RAW on the television. Life is good. Life is good. Typing out Monday Morning Commute. The column where we share what we’re looking forward to during a week. The movies that we wanna watch, maybe the albums that are hitting our ear drums, the comic books that are rocking our fanboy balls.

I’m going to keep it simple. Here’s what I’m up to this week. I hope you’ll share your own happenings, hauntings, and holistic treatments for testicular hubris.


Watching: Lucha Underground.

Every week is its own reward.


Reading: The Divine


Wanting to play: Far Cry Primal


Watching: The Witch


Sweating: Aesop Rock’s

The Invincible Kid


Marking Out Over:

Shane McMahon’s return

on RAW this week.


Dystopias are truly dystopias:

‘Cause no one ever eating pizza

in them.


Watching: The Expanse

I was wrong, Neo! Okay?

I was wrong! I’m always

fucking wrong! Fuck!


What are you folks up to, this week?